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Results is the premier fitness training facility in St. Charles County. From strength and conditioning to nutritional programming you get the results you deserve!

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  • Amanda

    Gym Member / Amazing 12 Graduate

    Best Gym I have ever worked out in. No intimidation! But they don’t mess around, if you want Results, this is the place to go. The Amazing 12 Program is awesome! I have never looked or felt better in my life.


Honestly, there is no “best” way to lose fat, but doing things that stimulate many of your body’s muscles groups and include weights will shred more calories per minute than doing activities with no weight-bearing.

It’s important to note that things like strength training and endurance exercises have both been proven to decrease percentage of body fat; but aerobic exercises, as it turns out, has a greater effect on fat loss than strength straining.

The three things that matter most in attaining hypertrophy, meaning your muscles getting bigger, are: genetics, training intensity, and your gender.

Genetics comes into play because of the different types of muscle fibers. People who have fast-twitch fiber acquire muscles with more ease than people with predominantly slow-twitch muscle fibers.

As far as gender goes, males tend to acquire more muscles than female counterparts, mainly due to the testosterone and other sex hormones that come into play with influencing protein metabolism.

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